About Charles

I manage offshore and onshore software development resources in the health care industry. I love software development as a whole, but have a special passion for certain parts of the industry.

Agile development methods are the best way to succeed in developing products. I lived in waterfall early in my career, and I can’t imagine doing so again. I attend some of the agile oriented user groups in Dallas, I work at a company using Scrum in software development and lean practices throughout the enterprise.

Continual learning is a key skill in software development. I have had my skills deteriorate once in the past, and now I am constantly learning. I read books and blogs, listen to podcasts, watch videos, and go to user groups when I can.

Unit testing and clean code are the only way to excel in development. Optimize code for your happiness, and it will make the next set of developers happy. I’ve worked on several legacy systems, and it is shocking to me how much slower I am with code that is hard to read.

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