Linkfest 2011-06-05

A quick set of links I’ve enjoyed recently.

How Facebook pushed new code live
I was going to link right to the Facebook video. However, this blog does a far better job of summarizing than I would.  The culture of technical excellence and responsibility is what stands out to me. I found the PHP compiler and BitTorrent aspects especially interesting.

RailsConf 2011 Video Playlist from O’Reilly
There was a post by Peter Cooper live blogging DHH’s keynote at Ruby Inside, which took me to the full play list. DHH is aways interesting to listen to, and this talk hits a lot of highlights of Rails 3.1. I also enjoyed Aaron Patterson’s, though that is as much for the dancing as the presentation. I had not heard of Code For America, so Dan Melton’s talk spawned some research. Honestly, every video I watched gave me something to think about and is making me thing more seriously about getting to some Ruby conferences.

Ruby Rogues Podcast
After not listening to a software podcast in a couple of weeks, this one has me hooked. The podcast has several Ruby contributors I recognize as panelists. Having a decent focus and a solid moderator lets the panel style work. Listening to smart and energetic people talking about something they enjoy is just a good experience. Having recently read the Pragmatic Programmers RSpec book, the discussion around it and Cucumber in the first episode was great. Doing a quick review of the list of podcasts, the first four I have listened to have all been excellent and given me things to think about.