Linkfest 2011-05-18

A quick set of links I’ve enjoyed in the past month.

Lunch – at Joel on Software
Good thoughts on one way to help keep a team, even a partially siloed team, more connected. This post was the straw that broke the camel’s back and prompted me to schedule lunch with our whole development group once a week. The group lunch is something we used to do, but have gotten away from. Some of the developers had mentioned that the team was feeling fragmented, so I’m using this as one way to help. I do not know if this will bear fruit by breaking down barriers, but at least once a week the we can all eat away form our desks and have some social interaction.

Working effectively with legacy code
This post has four things going for it. First, I like this blog and the book written by the author (though I still need to finish it). Second, I really like the Michael Feathers book the post references. Third, I was able to point one of the developers working at my company at this post to give him some ideas as he attempts to add unit tests and tries TDD on a code base he wrote about a year ago. Last, it is a good well written post.

The Hot/Crazy Solid State Drive Scale
During the past 6 months I have been thinking about purchasing a SSD, and this gave me some pause. The post also gets bonus points for referencing a TV show that I enjoy. Buying a SSD is not in my near term future, but I’ll keep this one in the pocket if I do it any time soon.

Rails for Zombies
This was a really good beginners tutorial on Rails. I found it enjoyable and fun. Did it turn me into a real Rails developer? Not even close. Did it give me a basic framework and understanding to spring board me into doing Rails development? I would say yes. Have I been able to leverage that? Unfortunately, no.